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Dave Cunningham - your sausageman.

Who is

My name is Dave Cunningham, and I make fresh British and other style sausages in the workshop in Rotterdam. We've been making sausages, bacon, gammon, biltong and other goodies here since 2008.

The sausages are freshly made every week and delivered to customers throughout most of the Netherlands.

We use fresh Dutch pork and spices from different sources. Some are imported from the UK, others from South Africa, and some are custom made on the premises.

Every month or so we add a new special to our selection - have a look at the shop to see what we're offering at the moment.

Our bacon, gammon and ham is made on the premises. We dry cure it with our own mix of salts and sugars to give that unmistakeable taste and texture, with none of the added water you may find in other products.

If you would like to come and pick your order up at our workshop, please give us a ring beforehand and you'll be very welcome. The details are on the contact page, as are our Kamer van Koophandel registration and BTW number if you're interested.

So if you're after fresh, hand made sausages delivered to your door, your breakfast bacon, a Sunday joint of meat or some great pies, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or order in the shop.
I hope to see you soon!


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