These are the sausages that we offer every week. Great traditional flavours and regional varieties. All our sausages and burgers are sold in 500g packs.

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Our Sausages & Burgers

SPECIAL - Maple BBQ sausage

Another brand new special from A deliciously sweet pork sausage with a hint of smoke. 500g, approx. 7 sausages.

Price: € 6,50

Breakfast sausage

Our breakfast sausage is made to an Irish recipe. It has a smooth texture and thanks to the high content of lean meat is a little firmer than your usual breakfast sausage. A thin long sausage that's ideal for your Irish or English breakfast. (Approx. 8 sausages per pack)

Price: € 5,75

Cumberland sausage

Cumberland is probably the best known of the English regional sausages. It's a thick sausage made from a coarsly ground meat with a spicy flavour featuring predominantly black and white pepper, and mace. (Two large coils of sausage per pack).

Price: € 5,75

Lincolnshire sausage

This sausage takes its flavours from two of the herbs that have been used in Britain for centuries - sage and thyme. A softly spiced but strongly herbed sausage, it gives off a wonderful aroma as soon as you cut into it without it being overpowering. (Approx. 5 sausages per pack)

Price: € 5,75

Pork & Leek sausage

A thick pork sausage, pepped up with fresh leeks. Great with creamy mash and onion gravy. (Approx. 5 sausages per pack)

Price: € 5,75


A South African icon. It's what every ex-pat South African misses (alongside biltong, of course). A thick pork and beef wors with an open structure and plenty of coriander and pepper, this belongs on every braai. Ours tastes authentic because it is authentic - we import our spices directly from South Africa and make it in the same way we were taught in Cape Town. Baie lekker. (One big 500g sausage per pack)

Price: € 6,25

Pork sausagemeat

Want to make your own stuffing? Why not use our sausage meat? It’s ready seasoned and the perfect base for your pork stuffing. 250g

Price: € 3,00

NEW!! Original Beef Burgers

Four big juicy quarterpounders! 100% beef burgers with traditional burger spices and just a hint of onion. Lovely! Four 125g burgers per pack.

Price: € 5,00

NEW!! Boerie burgers

After making these to order for a while it was time to add them to the assortment. These are 100% beef burgers with our famous boerewors spices. The aroma of pepper and coriander really comes through on the barbecue or in the pan. These QUARTERPOUNDERS are sold in packs of 4, 500g per pack.

Price: € 5,00

SPECIAL - Toulouse sausage

Our much loved French sausages are back. There are many versions of this sausage, ours is made with pork marinated overnight in white wine and a little garlic, before being seasoned with salt, white pepper and a couple of other spices. These are thick sausages, 5 per pack approx.

Price: € 6,75

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