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As some customers may have noticed, the site has changed. you can still order in the old way, but now you can place your order online. Here's a quick summary of how it works, from placing your order to it being delivered.



The new way:

Click the link to "Our range", and add the items you want to your shopping cart. Once you have all you'd like, click "Checkout" in the top right. Here you can log in, or enter your details and make an account. There's a box for comments at the bottom of the form, here you can add any extra information.

The old way:

Have a look at this site and make a note of what you'd like.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or ring me with your order (I'd prefer it if you'd mail it if you can - I'm often on the road and can't always write your order down).
You will receive a confirmation from me.



Closer to the delivery day I'll be in touch to sort out a delivery day/time, and inform you of how much the bill will be. I normally give a reasonably precise delivery time (about half an hour either way) and generally manage to keep to schedule, but sometimes it doesn't work. In such cases I'm perfectly happy to send you an SMS to keep you updated on the delivery time.



Payment is normally cash on delivery, though you can transfer it beforehand if you'd prefer. The bank details are on the contact page and, if you ordered online, at the bottom of your confirmation email. Please Note: Please do not pay until you get your final confirmation through. Some products are sold by weight (gammon and the joints) and therefore the exact price is not known until they've been cut and weighed, and others may be out of stock. This is why there are no online payment options at the moment.



Important information.

I try and be as flexible as possible with all my customers, but there are limits. To put it simply, placing an order with me is not a binding contract for me to deliver.

I deliver regularly through most of the Netherlands and am pretty flexible with this, but there are areas I don't get to, and will not therefore be able to deliver.

Furthermore, there are minimum order amounts for free delivery. In the Rotterdam/Hague area I deliver all orders of €35 and above free. For the Utrecht and Amsterdam areas, orders of €50 and above are delivered for free.

This logic is not built into the checkout process, so in theory you can order one pack of sausages for delivery in Den Helder. This of course does not mean I will be obliged to deliver it.

I've decided not to automate this part of the checkout system in order to give myself flexibility to accept some orders that fall outside the criteria, but that doesn't mean I will  accept every order that has been placed.

I'm sure you all understand that, but I thought I'd put it in black & white, just in case...


Any questions? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

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