Chilli-coriander-2Welcome to the new website of, the only British style sausage maker in The Netherlands. 
The site will be added to and improved over time, but I thought it time to put it online. The big change is on-line ordering, so you no longer have to type all your items into an email. Just go to "Our range", choose what you'd like and check out.


All our products are hand made in our workshop in Rotterdam, using locally sourced meat and seasonings from all over the world. We have a range of six varieties at the moment, often complemented with a speciality of the month. Check back regularly to see what that is.


So if you fancy a coil of Cumberland, some herby Lincolnshires, South African Boerewors, or just some good old British Bangers, you're in the right place.


This website is new but growing fast. Please check the menu above to find all the information you need, and check back regularly for updates.

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